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Promoting Diversity + Equity + Inclusion = Economic Prosperity

The Black-Manitobans Chambers of Commerce (BMCC) is urging political parties to place a strong emphasis on equitable commerce, inclusion, and economic growth as the Manitoba Provincial Election approaches on October 3rd. BMCC has outlined recommendations to shape a forward-looking provincial campaign focused on diversity, equity, inclusion, and prosperity in Manitoba.

Dr. Zita Somakoko, President, and CEO of the Black-Manitobans Chambers of Commerce stated, "As Manitobans head to the polls, we believe that to elevate Manitoba's economy to a genuinely competitive level with other Canadian jurisdictions and to create an environment conducive for businesses to invest and thrive, the next provincial government must prioritize the establishment of an equitable commerce sphere for all Manitobans. A strong and inclusive economy not only generates jobs and wealth but also increases government revenues for vital investments that matter to Manitobans."

BMCC's 2023 provincial election priorities are organized into three key areas:

BMCC is also committed to working with governments to develop a project pipeline suitable for green and transition finance, aligning with societal objectives. Furthermore, BMCC emphasizes the importance of financial regulations that do not hinder investments in low-carbon technologies and clean energy infrastructure. The organization promotes economic, regulatory, and administrative certainty for sustainable investing while facilitating investments in both grey and green infrastructure for climate resilience. BMCC also recognizes the importance of investing in research and data on climate change impacts.

Priorities 3 | EQUITY

Political parties are invited to respond to these priorities, and their answers will be available to the public. Additionally, Manitobans are encouraged to participate in a related survey and attend the upcoming Leaders' Debate on September 14th at the University of Saint Boniface.

More details can be found here: BMCC Website:

BMCC is committed to fostering an environment of diversity, equity, inclusion, and economic prosperity for all Manitobans, and this call to action serves as a pivotal step toward achieving this vision.