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Reserve Your Spot Now

Lunch and Learn - Free Tax Help for Small Business

Are you a small business owner seeking to navigate the complexities of taxation with ease? Look no further! We are excited to invite you to our exclusive “Lunch and Learn” event, designed specifically to provide free tax assistance and valuable insights for small businesses like yours.

During this enriching session, our team of seasoned tax experts will share their knowledge and expertise, equipping you with the tools necessary to streamline your tax processes and optimize your financial management.

Key Highlights of the Event:


1. Business Tax Deductions: Unravel the world of tax deductions tailored for small businesses. Discover legitimate deductions that can significantly impact your bottom line, helping you retain more of your hard-earned profits.


2. Helpful CRA Services: Gain insights into the invaluable tools and services offered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Learn how to leverage these resources to stay compliant with tax regulations and avoid potential penalties.


3. Bookkeeping Best Practices: Master the fundamental principles of bookkeeping and learn best practices for maintaining organized financial records. Effective bookkeeping is essential for making informed business decisions and ensuring long-term success.


In addition to the invaluable tax insights, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in networking with fellow small business owners, fostering meaningful connections within the local business community.


Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to enhance your tax knowledge and secure your business’s financial success. Reserve your spot now for our “Lunch and Learn – Free Tax Help for Small Business” event, and empower yourself with the know-how needed to excel in your tax-related endeavors. Together, let’s pave the way for your business’s growth and prosperity! We look forward to welcoming you.

Event Details

  • Start Time

    August 10, 12:00 pm

  • End Time

    August 10, 1:00 pm

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    Zoom Meeting


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