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The Black – Manitobans Chamber of Commerce is a Non-For –Profit Organization committed to advocacy and to leveraging the power of Newcomers and Black Business Leaders through business innovation and innovative business solutions to drive sustainable, equitable economic development in Manitoba. BMCC's membership is open to all.

We are : A . C . E . E


YOUR VOICE AT ALL 3 LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT. Our goal is to represent YOU at every step of the process – the employers and employees who make Manitoba's economy successful. We develop policy positions with our members and strategically lobby lawmakers. We support pro-business candidates to make sure our elected officials make good decisions for all Manitoba's companies. And we work with strategic partners in the business community to amplify the needs and concerns of our members and realize a better business environment for everyone.


We connect you to resources and capital funding necessary for your business development, stability and growth. We give you access to a provincial wide network of your peers – opportunities in every industry and corner of the province to meet each other and stay at the forefront of business trends through events, sponsorships and leadership programs


We offer solutions to your business challenges through collaboration, business products, programs and one-on-one business support and services. BMCC can save you time and money and help you grow your business with very simple steps


BROADENING YOUR NETWORK AND HONING YOUR LEADERSHIP SKILLS - BMBCC is here for YOU. You are a leader in your world, your business, your cubicle, your network. BMCC offers two great leadership programs to broaden your network, your understanding of the municipal, provincial, national business landscape and the political climate that influences it. We work hard to be a resource for our members. We empower our members through leadership programs, Mentorship and business coaching. Have ideas about how we could do that better? Join us!


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BMCC's Fund Raising Goal

Goal: $100,000.00
Collected: $27,500.00
Your donation is an opportunity to make an impact in the community.Contribute today to be part of something bigger !

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